Professional Football League of Republic of Kazakhstan

Professional Football League
of Republic of Kazakhstan


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Start victory on class

Start victory on class


Without spending large forces, and not showing the best qualities, "Astana", however, beat Kokshetau "Okzhetpes" with the score 2:0

In the first half, especially in the opening twenty minutes, the field was dominated equilibrium. Newcomer of the top division was not going to give up, and tried to spoil the mood of the owners. Showed that "there is life in the old dog" Alibek Buleshev and Nikita Khokhlov, repeatedly twirling opponents. But in the second half, the Astana team has marked advantage of the capital club.

The advantage in the class resulted in a goal in the 37th minute. Followed by a shot from outside the gate, the ball ricocheted and flew to Canyas, who was all alone in front of the gate. The goalkeeper threw himself at the feet of the colombian, but Roger powerful shot that the ball first hit the crossbar, and then crossed the goal line - 1:0.

In the second half, the advantage of the Astana became more clearer. There were several chances to win a major victory, but it was limited to one precise hit. On the 59th minute Patrick Twumasi was without "care", and as parachute sent the ball back out of the gate Anton Zirin.

Perhaps was not the most brilliant victory of "Astana", but now it was more important to get the three points in the opening match. 





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